Monday, 26 September 2011


bile faqihahrahman mule b'bicara

when the september ends
what i can do in my lifes 
still thinks about u 
after what u did in my lifes

the same date that u leave me when 2 years ago
and then you cam back here
in my lifes
actually what do u what from me
i dont have anything

i dont have a wealth but only a good health
if u came to my life just to ask about my life
i can says that i am happy with my life right know

i did't hope anything from u
not even a single words that u love me
not even that
as for your information 
my family not like u
like my hearty says right know

dear , let me talk to u
i'm happy with my live right know
i have a good family
a good lovers
a good boyfie
a good frens
there was a little frens like 
shit ! i dont like them 

but , neva mind because they are not important to me
when the september ends 
i have to go
to throw aways our memory
a lot of love memory
soory !
very soory to u
u are not deserved with me
thanks because came to my life before this
please dont came back for me

as u can look in this song 
when the september ends
it's shows a women waiting for her boyfie
when her boyfie get in army
so do i
i will waiting for my army
nowadays or forever
juz enjoy the song dear 

corak coret kehidupan FAQIHAH RAHMAN bersama mereka harap hubungan ini kekal hingga ke akhir hayat

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